#Flint: More Red Tape, but No Clean Water Yet. Judge Extends Deadline for Mich. City to Choose Water Source

It has been 1,277 days since the people of Flint, Mich., have had clean water in their pipes. In that time, they have continued to suffer the aftereffects of an extreme example of environmental racism. The City Council was supposed to decide on a permanent source of water by Monday, but once again, that decision is on…

Deon Cole’s Apology to the Black Race Is the Blackest Thing That Happened This Week

Deon Cole had something in his heart that he needed to get out. See, he came to Atlanta during Spelhouse and Clark Atlanta homecoming this past weekend (it really was, or felt like, every damn school in the metro Atlanta area’s homecoming this weekend) and came to a very stark but important realization.

Justin Timberlake Is Back for the Super Bowl Halftime Show (Side Eye)

In a show of just how far the Super Bowl halftime show has sunk, Justin Timberlake—who hasn’t had an album out in four years—will reportedly be this year’s headliner, once again showing that he will sing black, sound black and get produced by black folks, but when it comes to taking a stand for his “hip” brethren and…