Rutina Wesley as Nova on Queen Sugar
Patti Perret/OWN

Everyone knows someone like Nova Bordelon from the hit TV show Queen Sugar. She is fierce and fearless­—a true Nubian queen. Her body is her temple, and her mind knows no boundaries. She doesn’t buy from corporations. She supports small businesses all day, every day. She may even have her own side hustle. If your sister or romantic partner is like Nova, here are a few gift ideas for the being who values the spiritual more than the material.

1. Her Favorite Herbal Refreshment

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California just legalized marijuana for recreational use, and maybe her state has, too. She certainly would appreciate any quality herbs, particularly those homegrown locally. If she has some free time on her hands, you might even consider buying her some seeds so that she can grow her own (but don't ship ’em in the mail, because you know, the feds still ain't cool with all this legal weed in the states). Maybe she can get a co-op going in 2017 and save for retirement, because who knows if there will be any Social Security left when she gets older?

2. Essential Oils

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These oils can be diffused, ingested and applied topically. They are known to help increase tranquility, increase energy and even clean the surfaces in your house. They will fill her home with therapeutic fragrances that will cover any unwanted, residual aromas from that herbal refreshment.

3. Clothes From the Motherland

Tribal Groove’s Hooded Black Dashiki Jacket/Dress

She’s pro-black and pro-woman. This is apparent by what she wears and how she wears it. Consider buying her something that showcases her personality and her connection to her ancestry. Brands like Zuvaa and Lost Queens reflect her essence and show the world that she’s ready to fight the man, either barefoot or in stilettos.

4. Pole Dancing Lessons

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Whether she’s a size 6 or a size 16, she’ll enjoy getting fit while tapping into her body’s strength and sensuality. Grab her a gift card for a couple of lessons; she’ll thank you. If you’re adventurous, grab one for yourself, too!

5. Organic Skin-Care Products

Beauty Detox Treatment from Jacq’s Organics

Help her protect and preserve what her mama gave her by pampering her skin with nature’s best. Jacq’s Organics creates all-natural, organic skin-care products with ingredients that are sourced from local farmers, while Blu Skin Care has 100 percent organic, U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified products that are cruelty-free, gluten-free, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and vegan. These products leave the skin feeling like it was kissed by Mother Nature herself.

6. Black Art

Nina Simone by Marcus Kwame

Paintings. Portraits. Indie films. Mixed tapes. Black art lives in infinite forms. Artists like Marcus Kwame hawk their work on sites like Etsy. The new album Awaken, My Love! by Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) is supposed to be the ish. She will no doubt groove to the beat of this soul- and funk-infused project.

7. A Charitable Donation

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This year, the best thing to get her might be a gift … for someone else. Consider making a donation to civil rights organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union or the NAACP in her name. That will brighten her day and lift her spirit.