Woman Fired from Non-Profit for Blog About Sexy Time

A St. Louis-based sex blogger, The Beautiful Kind, was canned from her day job for her blog and Twitter exploits

The blogger – a single mother whose blog is called "The Beautiful Kind" – says she "really was Clark Kent" about keeping her office and her extracurricular life separate (and the extracurricular life was anonymous). But she made one fatal mistake: Using Twitter.

TBK, as she's known, refers to what happened to her as a Twitter "glitch." But her webmaster clarified to Inc. that her downfall was really "in the failure of how third party search/archiving sites work."

According to TBK, her boss – at the suggestion of top management – was Googling employees for information about them. When she arrived at work April 27, she was fired on the spot.

Per an account TBK posted on Aagblog, her boss was furious. “I need to let you go," the woman said, according to TBK. "Corporate office suggested I Google employees. I typed in your name and it took me two seconds to find your website. How COULD you put that stuff out there? What were you thinking?! I feel like I’m talking to a 14 year old! We’re DONE.”


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