Woman Attacked at Kroger Grocery Store After Asking How to Make Pumpkin Pie

Nia Jones
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A Mississippi woman says people stood around and did nothing at a Kroger grocery store when a man attacked her after she asked him how to make pumpkin pie.

Nia Jones was at a Southhaven, Miss., Kroger shopping for Thanksgiving supplies, and while she was in the baking aisle, she figured she'd ask the stranger if he knew how to make the pie.


“It’s a question. It’s a simple question. ‘Do you know how to make a pie?’ You’re on the baking aisle of Kroger,” she said in an interview with WMC.

Jones said the man looked at her in disgust and walked away, but seconds later he came back and starting beating her and her friend.

Image of man Southaven, Miss., police say they’re trying to identify
Video screenshot

“He shoved my friend and the other lady into the shelves,” she explained. “And he turned around and sucker punched me.”


Although people saw the assault, no one came to their aid, she said. Not even employees of Kroger after the cops and paramedics arrived.

“How did they let this happen?” Stacey Rochell, Jones' mother, asked. “If there was already a scene that was created, a commotion created. It was loud. Why didn’t someone address the gentleman at the time?”


In a statement, Kroger said they were cooperating with police to find the suspect who assaulted Jones.

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