White Supremacist Group Boycotting 'Thor' Because of Elba Casting

Idris Elba as Norse god Heimdall
Idris Elba as Norse god Heimdall

The Guardian is reporting that a U.S. white supremacist group has called for a boycott of the Kenneth Branagh-directed superhero movie Thor on the grounds that a black actor has been cast in the role of a Norse god. The Council of Conservative Citizens is upset that London-born Idris Elba — star of The Wire and a number of Hollywood films, and recent Golden Globe nominee for the BBC detective series Luther — will play the deity Heimdall in the Marvel Studios feature film Thor. The group, which opposes interracial marriage and gay rights, has set up a website (boycott-thor.com) to demonstrate its opposition to what it calls "left-wing social engineering."


We guess they're really pissed that Jewish Natalie Portman is playing love interest Jane Foster. Too bad she and Elba won't be kissing. That would probably send the white supremacists into a frenzy. Did we mention that they also condemned "Marvel frontman" Stan Lieber as a major financier of left-wing political candidates? They also claim that Marvel has viciously attacked the Tea Party movement, conservatives and European heritage. Yeah, OK. If they're mad about Elba's casting, they'll be really mad when they see all of those black folks at the theater. We'll be there en masse.

Read more at the Guardian.

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