White Doctor Claims His Daughter Was Attacked in Baltimore by 'a Group of BLM.’ Receipts Say That’s a Lie

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It seems like the more popular the Black Lives Matter movement becomes in America, the more desperate white people are to discredit it. Usually, their go-to method of making the movement look bad (to other white people) is to take the absolute worst moments during BLM demonstrations—the rioting, the looting and that one time in 2015 when a group of protesters were chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon”—and pretending those moments are par for the BLM course. And when that doesn’t work, they resort to making up shit.


On Monday, some white man in Texas tweeted that his daughter and her boyfriend were attacked by “a group of BLM” in Baltimore, Md. What that man didn’t realize was that there’s an existing Twitter page that specializes in monitoring and live-tweeting Baltimore police scanners. That page provided all the receipts including screenshots of the original tweet—which is now unavailable to the public—and audio from 911 dispatch. Needless to say, it looks like somebody lying.

“My daughter called in tears,” the man, who goes by “Andrea Natale, MD” on Twitter wrote. “She was driving w her boyfriend in Baltimore & their car was attacked by a bunch of BLM. It was damaged and her BF was beaten. She filmed it & called the police but they cannot do anything because they were African American. Is this the America we want?”

I just want to take a moment to say that I believe this man’s claim about the “group of BLM.” I absolutely believe his daughter and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of badger-like marsupials because that’s just the type of shit that happens to white people. Wait, is that not right? Well, I too have been attacked by a group of broke Lutheran ministers because the church stays in the streets trying to get donations. That’s not it either? Don’t tell me a group of Beckies looking for Mandingo-meat have gotten so frustrated from lack of jungle-love that they’re now attacking random white people’s cars.

Wait, this white man isn’t talking about Black Lives Matter, is he? Is he trying to say his daughter was attacked by protesters? Or are we just talking about a random group of Black people? According to the good receipt-pulling folks on Twitter, it’s the latter.


Scan the Police, Baltimore City retweeted Natale—who turns out to be the executive medical director at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute— to inquire about what he meant by “a group of BLM” and stated that there “wasn’t a protest yesterday.”

“We were on the scanner & heard nothing of the sort of incident you mean. We heard of adults trying to fight squeegee kids, if that’s what you mean?” the post reads.


Another Twitter user said that he archives police radio in Baltimore. He shared what “appears to be audio of your daughter’s incident,” and declared that “either she or you are full of shit.” Transcripts from 911 dispatch regarding the call by a woman named Veronica Natale were also provided.

According to the audio file, what Natale identified as “a group of BLM” was actually a group of Black kids with squeegees washing cars.


Here’s what a very much over it 911 operator said to the responding officer: “Sorry, they told us there’s an armed person…what it is is the squeegees at Lombard and President, this lady Veronica’s calling and says, “They are attacking the car.” She thinks one of them pulled a knife. Then she says a Black male wearing a white tank-top, black pants, and those [garbled] ring tennis with the white stripes were throwing rocks at the car, he got on his scooter and is on the median.”

This dispatcher goes on to tell the officer, “Okay, it’s gone from one of them she thinks pulled a knife to now they all threw rocks at her car and broke her car window.” The dispatcher then said that “the number 2 female driver and number 2 female passenger were fighting with the squeegee kids at [the] location,” and that the caller “says the vehicle was damaged and they got out and started arguing and fighting with them.” There is no mention of a boyfriend being beaten.


If we’re being real, we all knew the original tweet was a whole lie as soon as we read, “they cannot do anything because they are African American.” I don’t know what kind of bizarro-world of reverse-racism this Natale guy lives in but in the real world, cops do not hesitate to arrest Black people accused of wrongdoing. Even with the national spotlight on policing brought on by the BLM explosion, a week doesn’t go by without fresh police brutality stories involving Black people filling our newsfeeds.

Now if what Natale meant is that they can’t do anything about Black kids with squeegees who have committed no apparent crime, then when he asks, “Is this the America we want?” the answer is a resounding “fuck yes.”


At the end of the day, we have a white man who heard his daughter was attacked by Black people and he decided to politicize it by making it about Black Lives Matter. He lied about a thing that was also probably a lie. Even the dispatcher taking the call appeared to be like “what fresh white foolishness is this?”

But hey, that’s just par for the wypipo course.



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