Ebony's Kelley L. Carter unpacks and analyzes the latest antics of the late King of Pop's family.

Color me confused. For the last week now, we've been watching Jackson Family drama unfold — largely on social media — and not one of us can make much sense of it. The one thing we do know? It must be the money. Eh. Maybe?

The King of Pop died in 2009, and strangely — to some folks, anyway it was strange — he left his three children to his elderly mother, Katherine Jackson. That told us that Jackson trusted — out of anyone else in his large, mostly famous family — the matriarch of the Jackson clan with the things most precious to him …

Here's what we're left with now: Katherine Jackson is allegedly on her way back to California, and she will—at some point, we're left to assume — be reinstated to her guardianship role, a role that CLEARLY her son wanted her in.

If the worst of it is infact over, and if this whole thing really was a strange dustup of epic proportions, then sounds like the Jackson family just needs to head on back to 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, fire up a barbecue grill, and go back to being the kidnap-free, strange, but talented family we've all come to love. Or something like that.

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