PPG: Obamas Make Chocolate City 'Chocolate People Who Run Ish' City

WSJ: Turning His Swag On: The Making of a Celebrity President

NYDN: Don't Let 44 Fool You: Racial Equality Still a Work-in-Progress

SPP: Where Are the White Guys with Money and/or Guns?!? The GOP Base is Shrinking!


WP: DOJ Urges Equalizing Drug Sentences Because the Number of Brothas in Jail is Kind of Absurd

WJBF: Black Clergy Defend All of God's Creatures (Except for the Gays. They're Not Down with That)

HP: Sleeves, Part Deux: FLOTUS Shan't Rock 'Black' Hairstyles; People Would Actually Expire

MTVU: Things The Roots Would Rather Be Doing

BET: The Bald-Headed Black Dude from 'Scrubs' Gets a New Show

LAT: Hey, Kid! Drop Your Stanky Leg Vlog ASAP: Some Colleges Peepin' Social Networking Posts


GDN: After 100 Days, President Has America Better than Ever. EVER.

AP: Filibuster This: Specter Shift Makes It Much Harder to Throw Salt on Dems' Game


BT: 100 Ways Obama Reshaped America: #49 - Made Tupac's 'Changes' Outdated

DB: Obama's Approach to Governance Thus Far Pleases Stanley Crouch

Atlantic: Zounds! Black Folks Care Less About Black Stuff than You Might Think

WP: A Black Prez Means Racism's Over and Voting Rights Law are Anachronistic, Right?


WSJ: Race Issues Stay Below Radar (And Things Below Radar Don't Exist)

NO: Iranian Prez = Obama Swagger Jacker Who Hates Freedom, New Suits

BET: E. Lynn Harris Stands Up Against AIDS in Black America

ABC: Patients of Color Often Lack Diabetes Knowledge

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