Watch: Philly District Attorney Wants to Grant Meek Mill a New Trial but Judge Keeps Him in Jail

This week, news broke that the district attorney of Philadelphia wants to grant Meek Mill, née Robert Rihmeek Williams, a new trial, but Judge Genece E. Brinkley put his status on ice until the next hearing in June.


One of Mill’s attorneys, Joe Tacopina, spoke out on The Breakfast Club to discuss the unfair treatment that the rapper has received throughout the ordeal. “Meek has been in jail for nearly five months over a bullshit probation violation,” adding, “He’d been on probation for 10 years by a judge who was stalking him.”

In November the rapper was sentenced to two to four years for a technical violation of probation. The 30-year-old’s next hearing is scheduled for June 18.


See the entire video above.

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This whole thing seems crazy. Everyone from the D.A. to the defense attorneys to the owner of the Patriots thinks Meek Mill should not be in jail, but this judge is having none of it.

Did Meek date the judges daughter and he ghosted her or something? Seems like she really has her heart set on keeping this man in prison.