Watch: Grown-ish’s Trevor Jackson Speaks in Emoji

Trevor Jackson lives with an incredible amount of intention. From the way he styles his hair (yes, the rat tail is very deliberate) to his choice of tattooing only the left half of his body for balance, the 21-year-old actor-singer-grilled-cheese enthusiast knows what he wants and pulls no punches. (By the way, the perfect grilled cheese consists of three slices of Kraft Singles, butter on each side of the bread, a dash of garlic and lemon-pepper seasoning, according to Jackson.)

The Grown-ish star just released a new album, Rough Drafts, Pt. 1, and is starring in the Superfly remake, debuting this June. Jackson stopped by The Root to chat about his latest work, dating and the art of the “U up?” text. Watch above.

Senior Video Producer by day. Chicken connoisseur by night. Philly jawn always.

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I need to talk about homeboys hair in the Superfly trailer. I watched it in passing not knowing anything about the cast and I have to say that he has the BEST blow out I have E-VER seen on a man. Seriously, I have never seen a perm look so dope on a dude. I was mesmerized. Based on his hair alone I am tempted to catch it in the theaters even though a much larger part of me is concerned about the misogynistic tone. We shall see.