Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

"States' rights" is an issue that keeps surfacing — case in point, the Commonwealth of Virginia. is reporting that Gov. Bob McDonnell and Virginia Republicans revealed their general assembly plan, which includes job creation, fixing roads and an amendment that would give states the right to throw out federal law. Come again?

"Our federal government has defied or ignored every federal limit fashioned by our nation's founders," said Speaker of the House William Howell. Republicans want to pass a repeal amendment that would allow states to vote down a federal law. Two-thirds of state legislatures in the country would have to vote against the law. WTVR reported that Democratic Sen. Don McEaching Henrico stated, "It's just wrong; that's not how we should run our government." Concerns about the amendment include the size of states. States with smaller populations would have as much say as states with larger populations.

While that's important, the lack of checks and balances and cooperation between states and the federal government is another. How can you be mad that the federal government isn't considering your state's needs and then propose an amendment that would do essentially the same thing in reverse? That's called flawed logic at best, and a playground approach to real issues at worst.

If McDonnell and Virginia Republicans feel their 10th Amendment rights are being trampled on, then there is already a way to fix that through the judicial system. The problem is that they are not hearing what they want to hear, which is that they can do whatever they please. Petulance should not be allowed to serve as a substitute for adhering to the Constitution.



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