On her show yesterday, CNN's Erin Burnett and her guest, Newsweek/Daily Beast columnist John Avalon, discussed GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain's campaign. Avalon's assessment is that he's got "the big mo" (momentum) but he needs the other "big mo" (money), and right now the former Godfather's Pizza CEO doesn't have a lot of it.

The two circled back to Burnett's interview with Cain, during which he shared that he only has only "several hundred thousand dollars" at his disposal, compared with Romney's and Obama's several millions, saying that he's running his campaign like a startup business and also saying this:

And we are going to have, we will report at the end of the quarter several hundred thousand dollars in cash on hand. Within the last week or so, our fundraising has really picked up a lot because of the response of the public.


Avalon pointed out that while money isn't determinative and can't compensate for a lack of message, it really does matter. Cain, for his part, seems to think he'll have all the m-words — momentum, message and money — covered before long.

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In other news: NBC/WSJ Poll: Herman Cain Leads GOP Candidates.

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