Turns Out There Was Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania After a Man Voted for Donald Trump in His Dead Mother’s Name

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It’s a story as old as time. The Republican Party rails against a thing, only for Republican voters to be found responsible for doing that thing. For example: “We don’t riot or destroy property when we don’t get our way!”


*Trump supporters riot and destroy property at the Capitol because the election didn’t go their way.*

The GOP has been railing against the imaginary scourge of voter fraud for years now, and apparently that inspired a Pennsylvania man to, uh, commit voter fraud in an effort to reelect former President Donald Trump.

Yeah, that makes sense.

According to CNN, 70-year-old Bruce Bartman was sentenced to five years probation for casting a vote in the name of his deceased mother. Bartman pleaded guilty to two counts of perjury and one count of unlawful voting after it was found he registered both his deceased mother and mother-in-law as Republican voters in the last election. He filled out and cast an absentee ballot in his dead mother’s name.

Samuel Stretton, Bartman’s attorney, told reporters his client regrets his decision. Stretton said that Bartman explained to the court that he was increasingly isolated throughout the coronavirus pandemic and bought into the “propaganda and statements” that were being thrown around regarding voter fraud. “This was his way of misguided political dissent,” Stretton said. “He accepts the responsibility.”

On the one hand, this goes to show that the truth matters. If you use your platform to throw around lies, there’s a strong chance people will buy into them and do shit like commit voter fraud—or I don’t know, riot at the Capitol.


On the other hand, I don’t understand how so many white people just like being lied to. Is it really that much more comforting than the truth? Because it seems like the lies they willingly consume only lead them to paranoid rage, jail time, and unfortunately death, in some cases. It’s quite clearly a losing game, and I won’t ever understand why wypipo still choose to play it.

In addition to the five years probation, Bartman is also forbidden from voting in any state or federal elections in the next four years as pursuant to Pennsylvania law.


I fully expect the Republican Party to jump on this incident as a reason to restrict people’s access to voting without ever once considering the role they played in it happening. Because Republicans don’t know how to lose and are dead-set on becoming even more of a white nationalist party, they have introduced 361 bills in 47 states that would make it much harder for Democratic voters to cast their ballots.

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crouching tiger

If any crime could justify permanent disenfranchisement, it's voter fraud. Why only 4 years? This wasn't a mistake, like voting when you're on probation or something.