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Too Much Mo'Nique

I'm no TV show host. And I'm not an expert on public speaking by a long shot. But I watch too much TV to know what's good and what's bad. Mo'Nique's show isn't terrible. (Hey, it was only the first episode.) She engages with her guests and is a likeable host. Last night, she sat down with Steve Harvey (she choked up when they talked about their first encounter 16 years ago) and Monica (whose BET reality show premieres later this month). Jeremih performed his latest single, "Imma Star."Best guest of the night: Xernona Clayton, the South's first black person to have her own television show. Here are my five suggestions for Mo'Nique.

1. Stop yelling. This isn't a comedy show in an amphitheater. You are mic'd in a studio. Calm down.


2. Please pay more attention to your sidekick. The visual shots of Rodney Perry were useless. He didn't say anything the whole night.

3. How are you giving awards in the first episode? Let's get past the first season.


4. Please don't get sappy at the end of every episode. Keep it light and funny.

5. "Reached the pinnacle" and "BET" in the same sentence? Huh?

What'd you think of the show? Will you watch again … or ever?


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