Marsha Ambrosius, one half of the now disbanded British neo-soul duo Floetry, debuted her first solo effort, Late Nights & Early Mornings, last week, but not without some social commentary.

The video for "Far Away," the second single from Late Nights, depicts the love story of Ambrosius' two gay male friends — an affair that ends in tragedy. The video ends with this message from Ambrosius:

Dear Friends,

Every year over 1 milllion people commit suicide. Some were bullied because of their sexuality. I lost a friend to suicide, and I'm asking all of you to support different lifestyles.


Although Ambrosius chose "Far Away," a song about losing love, to address heavy topics, Late Nights also explores some of love's softer sides. A blend of slow-to-midtempo breakup, love and lovemaking songs, Late Nights is full of passion and seduction. It also features collaborations with Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and hip-hop producer Just Blaze.

The album, and the video, seem like a fiery start to a promising solo career.

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