The CBC Sez: Obama Ain't Keepin' It Reeaah, He Ain't Representin'!


The CBC is salty with Barack Obama, thinking he neither keeps it reeaah nor represents.

Of course, this has nothing at all to do with Obama's not needing their blessing on the way to the presidency; rather, it's because they think he hasn't done enough to assist Blacks economically. From the Washington Post:

"Some black lawmakers sought this week to move past a dispute with the White House, saying they are satisfied that President Obama is seeking to provide greater economic assistance to African American communities.

But the members of the Congressional Black Caucus continued to insist that the administration's efforts do not go far enough, even as other African American leaders defended the nation's first black president.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who had led nine black lawmakers in holding up a financial regulation bill that Obama supported, said an agreement Monday with House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) has eased her concerns.

"Absolutely, they got the message," Waters said after weeks of closed-door discussions with Obama officials.

On Monday, Frank agreed to Waters's proposal to steer $3 billion from the federal Troubled Assets Relief Program toward mortgage relief for the unemployed. The bill also sets aside $1 billion for a program that gives grants to state and local governments to buy foreclosed properties and use them for more productive purposes.

Waters said Tuesday that the two proposals would go a long way toward meeting the goals of the members of the caucus.

"I'm always happy when we win," Waters said.

But Waters and some of her colleagues in the caucus continue to express doubts about the administration's commitment to job creation in black communities."


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Be careful not to crack those paddles, CBC. They're antiques.