Betty Shelby Is Teaching a Class on Surviving Killing an Unarmed Black Man. Here Are 10 Things She'd Be Better At

This week, Betty Shelby, the Tulsa Police Officer who shot and killed Terence Crutcher—and claimed he “caused his own death” by “failing to comply” to her orders—will teach a course to other police officers about “Surviving the Aftermath of a Critical Incident.”

Snopes Debunks Claim That Trump Posed With Bikers With Nazi Tattoos on Charlottesville Anniversary [Corrected]

Correction: Tuesday, Aug. 14, 1 p.m. EDT: This post originally misidentified a biker posing with Trump as having Nazi tattoos. The original headline, “This is AmeriKKKa: Trump Spent His Vacation With Nazi Bikers for Trump on the Anniversary of Charlottesville,” was also incorrect. The headline and the post have since…