Washington, DC’s El Centro D.F. Restaurant Removes ‘No Sneaker’ Policy, Fires Racist Bouncer After Black Man Is Denied Entry

Updated Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017, 6 a.m. EST: Days after a black man, Brian Gordon, was denied entry to Richard Sandoval’s El Centro D.F. restaurant in Washington, D.C., because he was wearing sneakers, even though white patrons wearing sneakers were allowed entry, Ayyaz Rashid, managing partner of the Sandoval…

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference Slated to ‘Rise’ Above Trump-Era Shenanigans

For the first time since the Obama administration left office and subsequently moved most of the chocolate and reasonable, left-brain thinking out of the White House, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 47th Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., is upon us. It all starts Wednesday.


9-Year-Old Girl Called ‘Nutella,’ ‘Servant’ by Racist Bullies at School; Posts Viral Video on Facebook to Bring Attention to Her Case

A Washington state fourth-grader, who says she has been the subject of racially charged and threatening bullying since the school year started in September, has now turned to social media to bring attention to her case after she and her parents claim that school administrators and teachers seemingly turned a blind eye…