President Vladimir TrumPutin's Latest Tweet Storm Claims Russia Is Bae and the Real Enemy is the American Media

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means? The old man in the White House is at it again. Fresh off a KFC bender, the president started in on his latest rash against American media, claiming that the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a success and that the real enemy is the American media.

Trump's Joint Press Conference With Russian President Makes Their Secret Love an Official Relationship

The president of the United States is currently in a relationship with the Justin Bieber of world leaders. Vladimir Putin is not just a bad boy, he’s a Russian mobster, a dictator and an actual thug, not a play thug for R&B likes. The president has been caught talking to Putin on his burner phone late at night under…

Trump Talks to Vladimir Putin So Much, They’re on a Friends-and-Family Plan 

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t know that admitting that he talks to President Donald Trump on the regular probably isn’t a good thing, considering that the Trump administration is currently being investigated for Russian collusion in the 2016 election. But that’s exactly what the Russian leader did Tuesday.

James Comey’s Memos: Putin Told Trump That Russia Had Some of the ‘Most Beautiful Hookers in the World’

Because the news cycle never stops with the Trump administration, former FBI Director James Comey’s memos detailing conversations he had with the president were handed over to Congress on Thursday. As news sites are still combing through Comey’s notes, the most damning and arguably believable news to hit the interwebs…

White House Staffer Leaks That Trump Was Warned Not to Congratulate Putin, Then Trump Got Mad About the Leak and Someone Leaked That

Because the White House staff has to talk to the president of the United States like he’s a third-grader, national security advisers put the words “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” in all caps so that the old fool would be sure not to celebrate the sham election win by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin during a call Tuesday.

Trump Congratulates Putin on His Re-Election Because He Loves the Russian President More Than He Loves America

Donald Trump loves Vladimir Putin. He openly wants to be him. He secretly wishes that he could be the president of a mob country that hosts sham elections like Putin. Like a teenage boy who’s been forbidden from hanging with the troubled boy down the street, Trump has sneaked out of the house to smoke cigarettes with…

Trump, Come Get Your Boy! Vladimir Putin Claims Russia Has Nuclear Weapons That Can’t Be Intercepted

While the president of the United States holds paper-airplane-throwing competitions inside the Oval Office against chief of staff John Kelly and Secretary of Defense James Mattis (yes, Kelly and Mattis manipulated their airplanes so that the president’s paper plane flies farther), Russian president, and America’s play…