Univ. of Maryland Football Player Jordan McNair Died and No One Has Been Held Accountable

On May 29, University of Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair was exhausted. He and the team were running 110-yard sprints in the hot sun during offseason conditioning drills. Maryland is not a football school. It never has been. Despite a few good seasons in the past which included some national rankings and…

Richard Collins III Killing: Md. State Officials Claim ‘Not Enough Evidence’ Yet to Charge White Supremacist Sean Urbanski With Hate Crime

Updated Monday, May 22, 2017, 9:02 p.m. EDT: During a press conference Monday, Angela D. Alsobrooks, state attorney for Prince George’s County, Md., said that Sean Urbanski’s motives for stabbing Richard Collins III to death were still unclear, the New York Times reports.