President Trump Is the Single Biggest Threat to Muslims After Sharing Islamophobic Videos on Twitter

On Wednesday, for no apparent reason other than that he’s a xenophobic piece of garbage who openly hates an entire religious group with a passion seen only by white men wearing hoods (or khakis) and wielding torches, the president of the United States retweeted Islamophobic posts from Britain’s far-right, fascist…

Anthony ‘Mucci Mane’ Scaramucci Compared His Phone Call With Reporter to Monica Lewinsky Scandal, and She Responded

I’m not going to lie—I miss Anthony “Mucci Mane” Scaramucci. Sure, he was only in the White House as communications director long enough to microwave a Hot Pocket, but man, what a fantastic run he had. But at least Mucci Mane hasn’t gone into hiding; in fact, he won’t stop talking—or tweeting, as the case may be.

Trump Retweets Unnamed-Source Report on North Korea Condemned by UN Ambassador Because He Doesn’t Know What the Hell He’s Doing

Because Donald Trump has no clue what the hell he’s doing in office, and because no one in his staff can keep his dumb ass off Twitter, he tweeted out an anonymously sourced story (because, you know, Fox News), and within hours, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley condemned the same story on Fox News.