3 Reasons I Believe TrumPutin Released His Own Taxes, and 1 Reason I Don’t

When Rachel Maddow tweeted that she had Vladimir TrumPutin’s tax return, it was as if Beyoncé and Frank Ocean had made a duets album that leaked at midnight. We all rushed to see what the hell she’d found. But in the end it was less Blond Lemonade and more Geraldo, his dumb-ass mustache and Al Capone’s empty vault.

The White House Beat Rachel Maddow to Publishing Trump’s 2005 Tax Return, but Rachel Won the Game

Unless you turned off your phone, computer and television Tuesday night in order to enjoy some quiet time with your thoughts, you have already heard that Rachel Maddow tweeted that she would be revealing Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return courtesy of the two pages of a Form 1040 that were mailed to Daily Beast reporter…