House ā€˜Intelligenceā€™ Committee Clears Trump, Associates of Wrongdoing in 2016 Election

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released a redacted version of the final report on their yearlong investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Donā€™t worry; I read it for you. The report concludes that neither the president nor his known associates ā€œcolluded, coordinated,ā€¦

Trump Urged Lawyer to Persuade Jeff Sessions Not to Recuse Himself in Russia Probe: ReportĀ 

Why was it so important to President Donald Trump to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions oversee the Russia investigation? It couldnā€™t possibly be because the president of the United States and the overlord of Russia are secretly play cousins who spend the night over each otherā€™s house and make forts out of bedsheetsā€¦