Real Talk From Terry Crews on Misogyny: ‚ÄėThere‚Äôs a Humanity Issue Here‚Äô

Actor and comedian Terry Crews, the most visible male member of the #MeToo movement, shared some very real talk at last week‚Äôs Women in the World Summit 2018 in New York City. Speaking on toxic masculinity, Crews declared that ‚Äúmasculinity can be a cult.‚ÄĚ He went on to stunningly compare misogyny to chattel slavery,‚Ķ

Judge of Characters: What Happens When You Silence the Silence Breakers?

Time magazine shocked us all when it named several women and men who spoke out against sexual assault as its Person of the Year. The editors labeled the brave souls ‚Äúthe Silence Breakers.‚ÄĚ But in addition to noticing Taylor Swift on the cover, I couldn‚Äôt help seeing that the cover lacked Tarana Burke, the founder of‚Ķ

Man Who Allegedly Groped Actor Terry Crews Identified as William Morris Executive Adam Venit: Report

When actor Terry Crews revealed in a series of tweets Oct. 10 that he, too, had been the victim of a sexual predator in Hollywood, he never identified the ‚Äúhigh level‚ÄĚ executive he said groped his private parts at a party in full view of his wife. We now have a reported name for that high-level Hollywood executive:‚Ķ

Terry Crews Says He Was a Victim of a Hollywood Male Sexual Predator, Tells His Story on Twitter

Terry Crews took to Twitter Tuesday to say that the whole Harvey Weinstein situation is giving him post-traumatic stress disorder. You may be asking yourself why, but in a series of 16 tweets, Crews explains that women are not the only ones who have been sexually harassed by Hollywood’s male honchos; Crews himself was…