3 Reasons I Believe TrumPutin Released His Own Taxes, and 1 Reason I Don’t

When Rachel Maddow tweeted that she had Vladimir TrumPutin’s tax return, it was as if Beyoncé and Frank Ocean had made a duets album that leaked at midnight. We all rushed to see what the hell she’d found. But in the end it was less Blond Lemonade and more Geraldo, his dumb-ass mustache and Al Capone’s empty vault.

Criming While White: Why Would Trump Change a Tax System That Made Him Rich?

The 2016 election’s first manufactured “October surprise” is a full-length investigative story from the New York Times about Donald Trump's taxes. More specifically, the fact that after running up almost a billion dollars in losses and debts in 1995, Trump has likely not paid any taxes in almost 20 years. This in and…