Mark Zuckerberg Is a Grown-Ass (White) Man, so Stop Talking About Him Like He’s a Kid

Admittedly, when juxtaposed against the assemblage of 934-year-old white men who make up the Senate, Mark Zuckerberg’s relative youth is conspicuous, as it would also be if he were in a room with a troop of vampires, or perhaps the exhumed and propped-up bodies of Genghis Khan and—I don’t know—a fucking velociraptor.

Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos Is a Plagiarizing Machine; Still Passes Senate Committee

The appointed apples fall not far from the corrupt presidential tree. Betsy DeVos—you know, the woman President Executive Order pegged to be the education secretary—looks to have plagiarized at least two of her answers on her Senate-committee take-home exam. Yet the nomination of the controversial billionaire who…