Rudy Giuliani Might Be the Dumbest Person in the White House and That's Good for Donald Trump

President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, might be the dumbest member of the president’s staff, and that isn’t a bad thing for the commander-in-chief. Because of the president’s antics, inability to spell words with five or more letters, refusal to stop canoodling with Russia and outright penchant for rage-filled…

President Vladimir TrumPutin's Latest Tweet Storm Claims Russia Is Bae and the Real Enemy is the American Media

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means? The old man in the White House is at it again. Fresh off a KFC bender, the president started in on his latest rash against American media, claiming that the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a success and that the real enemy is the American media.

Michael Cohen to Trump: I'm Ready to Flip Like the Last Black-Owned Home in a Gentrified Neighborhood

On Monday, depending on what you believe, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal fixer Michael Cohen is either ready to flip like Simone Biles doing an Olympic floor routine or he’s still sending smoke signals to Trump to pay for his attorneys if he doesn’t want him to sing like Rufus featuring Chaka Khan.