Who Invited Trump? President Shows Up and Takes the Stage at Ohio Rally Without an Invite, Governor Claims

President Trump is the kid that shows up to the frat party wearing a visor and golf shorts carrying a six pack of PBR trying to get the party started and no one knows him. He’s the white kid that will roll with a gang until they kill someone and then he becomes a white kid again. He’s an imposter president who…

Was That Boston Celtics Great Kevin McHale at a Trump Rally? Don’t Know, but His Wife Is Totally Trump Crazy

I’m not sure if it was Boston Celtics fans or their archnemeses, Los Angeles Lakers fans, but somehow, some way, somebody spotted someone who looked exactly like legendary Celtics power forward and NBA Hall of Famer Kevin McHale in the sea of whiteness that was President Donald Trump’s rally in Duluth, Minn., on …

Watch: Trump Wants to Build That Dumbass Wall, but He’s Totally Fine With Low-Wage Foreign Guest Workers

During his millionth rally to drum up support for the presidential office that he already holds, Donald Trump told those in attendance that he had an answer for farmers who he noted may suffer “a little pain for a little while” because of his administration’s shady trade deals with several foreign partners.