19 Different Spoiler-Free Thoughts and Emotions (With GIFs) I Had While Watching the Season 5 Finale of Power

The season five finale of Power aired on Sunday night. Look, for all of the criticisms of Power—and some of it is very, very warranted—when this season got good it got goodt. Delivert goodt. Slap yo’ mama with the same hand that you don’ licked off the barbecue sauce off your fingers goodt. Episodes 8-10?

True to the Game Is What I’d Expect to Happen if Tyler Perry Directed an Episode of Power

I’m a Netflix black-movie connoisseur. I’ve not been shy about the fact that if a movie exists and has lots of black people in it, there’s a better-than-99 percent chance that I’ll watch it, no matter what. They don’t even have to speak English. I may not make it all the way through—some movies are just that bad—but I…

Issa Didn’t Cheat on Lawrence in Real Life, and Angela Valdes Didn’t Snitch on Ghost. So Stop Sending the Actors Hate Mail

I hate Tariq St. Patrick and want him to die already. After four seasons of watching him behave like an ungrateful, bitchy, ho-ass child (minors can get cursed at after they hit puberty), any Power scene featuring him now physically angers me. Not even Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes has had that impact on me,…