O.J. Simpson Agrees With Trump on Colin Kaepernick’s Protest, but I’m Going to Need O.J. to STFU About Everything Black-Related

Unless O.J. Simpson wants to talk about running a football in the ’70s, or how he handled himself in prison, or how he fooled everyone into thinking he was black during the trial of the century, I’m going to need him to shut the fuck up about the work that Colin Kaepernick is doing.

After Watching the ‘Hypothetical’ O.J. Simpson Confession, I Realize White People Were Right All Along

They say the mark of an enlightened man is that he can objectively consider new information, rethink his position and admit when he’s wrong. Today I am here to admit to white America that I was totally wrong about Orenthal James Simpson. (I know using “white” as an adjective to describe “America” is redundant, but I…

He’s Not Black, He’s O.J.: Simpson Manages to Get Parole in Trump’s America and We’re Shocked!

Black America figured that O.J. Simpson would be in prison forever. To hear white people tell it, O.J. is responsible for: ex-wife Nicole Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s deaths; the current Black Lives Matter movement; Colin Kaepernick’s protest and hair; Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s maritial issues; and Drake’s supposed baby with…