Trump’s Fox News Interview Sounds a Lot Like a Criminal Trying to Convince His Cellmate He’s Innocent

On the heels of Trump’s former campaign manager and personal lawyer heading to the pokey, the president of people who stuff chew in their jaws and spit the brown residue into water bottles, made an appearance on his personal YouTube channel Fox News in which he proudly claimed that he’d give himself an A-plus for the…

Trump's Former Lawyer and Fixer Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to 8 Felony Charges, Including Hush Money Payment to Porn Star

President Trump’s former personal lawyer and longtime fixer, Michael Cohen, has pleaded guilty to eight charges, including campaign finance violations; he also added that a hush money payment made to former Playboy model and porn performer Stormy Daniels was at the then president-elect’s insistence.

Trump Is Guilty Tweeting This Morning After Michael Cohen Tape Reveals Him Discussing Payment to Side Bae  

President Donald Trump isn’t claiming that he didn’t have an affair with ex-former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal (noting that you are a former Playboy playmates is the equivalent of noting that you were third trumpet in your elementary school marching band), at least not this morning. He’s using all his old-man…

Michael Cohen to Trump: I'm Ready to Flip Like the Last Black-Owned Home in a Gentrified Neighborhood

On Monday, depending on what you believe, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal fixer Michael Cohen is either ready to flip like Simone Biles doing an Olympic floor routine or he’s still sending smoke signals to Trump to pay for his attorneys if he doesn’t want him to sing like Rufus featuring Chaka Khan.