Beyoncé Drops ‘Mi Gente’ Remix to Benefit Disaster Relief in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Other Caribbean Islands 

While y’all’s dusty president is still dropping incendiary and largely inaccurate tweets about the NFL protests against racial injustice, celebrities are doing the Lord’s work, focusing on the fact that there are thousands of Americans (and non-Americans) who need help after natural disasters have ravaged their states…

Life Comes at You Fast: Trump Voters Mad That Border Wall Would Put Their Homes on Mexican Side

When you live under the rule of a dictator, even one that you helped vote into office, you can forget that you live in a dictatorship. I know it’s cool as long as all the weight of his office falls on people who don’t look like you, but what about when you get swept up in his bullshit? Well, now, there’s a problem.