Trump Asked Mexican President to Stop Saying He Wouldn’t Pay for the Wall so He Could Keep Lying About Mexico Paying for the Wall

President Shitty von Douche Face campaigned on a wall. He didn’t literally stand on a wall while campaigning, but he claimed that if he was elected, real Americans (read: white Americans) could sleep safe at night because the “bad hombres” would be behind the wall, and the most glorious part of all was that Mexico was…

Life Comes at You Fast: Trump Voters Mad That Border Wall Would Put Their Homes on Mexican Side

When you live under the rule of a dictator, even one that you helped vote into office, you can forget that you live in a dictatorship. I know it’s cool as long as all the weight of his office falls on people who don’t look like you, but what about when you get swept up in his bullshit? Well, now, there’s a problem.