Trump Called Undocumented¬†Immigrants ‚ÄėAnimals,‚Äô and That‚Äôs Exactly What He Meant

On Wednesday during a White House meeting with mayors, sheriffs and other local leaders from California who oppose the state‚Äôs ‚Äúsanctuary‚ÄĚ immigration policies, President Donald Trump referred to some people who cross the borders illegally as ‚Äúanimals,‚ÄĚ and that‚Äôs exactly what he meant.

How a Goofy Russian Pop Star’s Publicist Is Involved in All This White House Russia Stuff

I imagine that Papa Steve Bannon is inside the Oval Office having to hold Big Donnie back from beating Lil’ Donnie to a pulp. That’s because Lil’ Donnie, aka Not-Ivanka, didn’t realize that the company line about the meeting he had with a Russian lawyer in June 2016 was that it wasn’t a big deal and turned out to…

Obama Makes Play for Chicago Cubs: He’ll Meet With World Series Champs Before He Leaves Office

President Barack Obama is a Chicago White Sox fan, but during the World Series, the Chicago native found himself cheering for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs became America's feel-good team after their historic World Series championship win, and on Monday, just four days before Obama leaves the White House, the team is…

Donald Trump Meets With Mexican President Enrique Pe√Īa Nieto, and the Joke Is on All of Us

You could not come up with a more desperate pair of political leaders than GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pe√Īa Nieto. Trump has dug himself into a huge hole in the polls, and his pivot to African Americans has all the skill and grace of the new guy at the YMCA. His plans to reveal‚Ķ