The Carmichael Show Is Back, and Jerrod Carmichael Says It Will Continue Confronting Black Conversations You Don’t See on TV

The Carmichael Show is easily one of the best black shows on television right now. It stars its namesake and creator, Jerrod Carmichael, as a son, brother and fiance who is not only opinionated but often finds himself in the crossfire of the even stronger opinions of his family.

Unique Views, Episode 31: 10 Minutes With Loretta Devine on a Shaky Cellphone

When we tell y’all that we are trying, I don’t think y’all understand what that really means. This podcast is held together with shoestring and bubblegum. It’s not a joke when we call ourselves the Sanford and Son of podcasts, and as Ms. Patti LaDanielle, aka The Root’s social-content producer, Danielle Young, told…