If You Wanted to Know How Trump Would Treat America, Just Look at How He Treated His Chauffeur for Over 25 Years

For 25 years, Noel Cintron had one of the worst jobs in America. For 25 years, Cintron drove a large orange tub of sherbet extract around New York City. For 25 years, he had to listen to sherbet excrement’s bloated tales of wild extravagance and the deafening sounds of sherbet devouring KFC.

Think Like a Man, Harass a Woman? Steve Harvey Sued for Blindsiding a Sexual Assault Survivor

Updated Monday, April 16, 2018, 4:30 p.m. EDT: An attorney for Dominque Collier reached out to The Root to shed further light on his client’s lawsuit against Steve Harvey. In the letter, attorney Jehan Carter said that TMZ incorrectly framed Collier’s lawsuit strictly as a sexual harassment suit. Carter said that…

White Firefighter Files Racial-Discrimination Lawsuit After He Was Fired for Social Media Post About Running Over Protesters 

Some people just don’t know how to quit while they’re ahead. And a white Columbia, S.C., firefighter who was fired after posting to social media that he would run over protesters if they were still blocking traffic when his shift was over has now filed a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination.

Former NFL Player Warren Sapp Thought Buying Co-Workers Vibrators Was OK Because They Were Cute Vibrators

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is proving to be a trash human being. Never forget that Sapp was arrested in 2015 in Arizona after he chased prostitutes down a hotel hallway naked. Sapp claimed that after paying the women some $600 for services, they wanted a tip, and Sapp ain’t out here tipping no prostitutes. He…