Botham Jean Attorney: Nothing In Amber Guyger's Story Makes Sense 

An attorney for Botham Jean‚ÄĒthe 26-year-old innocent black man who was shot and killed inside his own home‚ÄĒis looking to set the record straight. Despite several stories that Jean and his attacker, Amber Guyger, knew one another, attorney S. Lee Meritt claims that the two were merely neighbors as Jean lived directly‚Ķ

I Agree With Charles Barkley: Isaiah Thomas Crying Before the Game Made Me Uncomfortable, Too 

Just a few days before the Boston Celtics were to take on the Chicago Bulls, star guard Isaiah Thomas’ 22-year-old sister, Chyna Thomas, was killed in a car crash. The news was shocking. Isaiah Thomas was considered a game-time decision, and in a sports trope that has become as sadistic as it is celebrated, Thomas…