In Case You Didn’t Notice, Charlotte, NC, Is in the Middle of a Major Battleground State This Election

Keith Lamont Scott’s tragic shooting by police and the subsequent rage in Charlotte, N.C., could not have happened at a worse time—or in a worse place politically. Intersecting unrest is the larger backdrop of what is, arguably, the nation’s most extreme top-to-bottom-ballot battleground state this election cycle.

Eyewitness to Carr Shooting in Charlotte, NC: ‘Riot Police Shot Him ... They’re Fabricating All of This’

Jimmy James Tyson, 31, a community activist and first responder, was standing 10-15 feet from the riot-police line in front of the Omni Hotel in downtown Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night—where hundreds of protesters had gathered in response to the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott, 43—when all of sudden, rubber…