The White House Knew That Rob Porter Had Allegedly Assaulted His Ex-Wives and Kept Him Around Anyway: Report

The White House has become an endless, vast hole of shame and embarrassment. Just when you think that the allegations coming from one of the most revered and respected adobes worldwide can’t get any worse, the entire White House—staff, administration, housekeeping—is like, “Hold my folders.”

Will New Chief of Staff John Kelly Be the Next Contestant Fired on White House Apprentice? 

Previously on White House Apprentice, Anthony Scaramucci’s storyline was getting all the headlines and camera time. In the weird Big Brother-Survivor-Apprentice interpolation that is Donald Trump’s administration, there is only room for one star in front of the camera—your megalomaniac president—so Scaramucci Mane was…

Scaramucci Mane: Reince Priebus Sleeps With the Fishes (OK, He Didn’t Die, but He’s Out of the White House)

Well, who didn’t see this coming? Seriously, when the newly hired White House communications director makes a drunken call (who’s knows if Anthony Scaramucci Mane had been drinking, but if he hadn’t been, it’s worse) to a New Yorker reporter in which he hates on the president’s chief of staff, then you know heads are…