Why They Kneel: Cowboys vs. Titans Proves Why Supporting Black Business Is Supporting Black Lives

To examine the injustice and inequality that prompted some NFL players to protest during the national anthem, each week, for the remainder of the NFL season, The Root will explore the data behind racial disparities in the two cities represented in the National Football League’s premiere matchup—Monday Night Football.

Dallas Cowboys Owner, Mr. Toe on the Line, Refuses to Talk About Wearing a Hat During the National Anthem

Jerry Jones, the good ole boy owner of the Dallas Cowboys; the spark plug and igniter of racial flames in the NFL; the spouter of the phrase “toe on the line” to explain how all his players would not be protesting during the national anthem—won’t comment on footage showing him wearing his hat as the anthem played.

President Trump Is Rage-Tweeting and Big Mad That Robert Mueller Is About to Be All Up in His Tweets

It’s Friday, so you know that means that the president of people who buy hotdogs at gas stations is rage-tweeting again. First, he targeted his former lawyer and personal fixer Michael Cohen’s claims that he knew of the 2016 meeting his dumb son, Donald Jr., aka Not-Ivanka, had with a Russian operative who promised…

Jemele Hill Is Still Out Here Spitting Truth About What’s Really Going On in America

I won’t lie—It didn’t sit well with me when ESPN sports personality Jemele Hill issued a statement saying she “deserved that suspension” following the social media backlash over her controversial tweets about President Donald Trump and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. I absolutely get that jobs are scarce and nice…