Now, This Is Creepy: New Book Claims That Donald Trump’s Circle Sees Ivanka as His Wife and Hope Hicks as His Daughter

Look, I know that we’ve all cringed over the inappropriate relationship that President Donald Trump has with his daughter Ivanka. There was that one time when 16-year-old Ivanka was co-hosting the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant, and Trump asked the then-Miss Universe: “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?”

Coincidence? Donald Trump Takes Trip and Saudi Arabia, UAE Donate $100,000,000 to Fund Backed by Ivanka

The White House has assured America, almost a million times now, that there is no collusion between White House officials and those seeking favor with the president. Sure, President TrumPutin hired all of his close friends and family to essentially run the White House, and yes, they have private interests that could…


Ethics Office: Kellyanne Conway’s Commercial for Ivanka Trump’s Basic Clothes Needs to Be Investigated 

I’m rooting for Kellyanne Conway, and here’s why: She’s great! She’s out front spouting foolishness for this low-budget, bootleg administration, and I believe two things about her that won’t change: She’s fearless and she clearly is overmatched on every television appearance she makes, and she won’t stop.