Unique Views, Episode 31: 10 Minutes With Loretta Devine on a Shaky Cellphone

When we tell yā€™all that we are trying, I donā€™t think yā€™all understand what that really means. This podcast is held together with shoestring and bubblegum. Itā€™s not a joke when we call ourselves the Sanford and Son of podcasts, and as Ms. Patti LaDanielle, aka The Rootā€™s social-content producer, Danielle Young, toldā€¦

Dude Explains Why He Cheated on His Girlfriend, #HurtBae, in Viral Video; Twitter Explains Why Heā€™s a Jerk

Being cheated on sucks. But being cheated on, allowing yourself to sit in front of the person who cheated on you and watch him or her explain why, and then having the video go viral sucks even more. And thatā€™s exactly what happened to model Kourtney Jorgeā€™ and her ex-dirt-dawg of a boyfriend, Leonard.