Report: Water From a Hazardous Waste Site Is Being Given to Puerto Rican Hurricane Survivors to Drink

More than three weeks after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, over 35 percent of the American citizens there (and Puerto Ricans are all American citizens, every single one of them) do not have potable drinking water—and a report that came out late Friday night indicates that the residents of Dorado, Puerto Rico, are…

Disaster Relief Workers in Puerto Rico Treat Themselves to Taxpayer-Funded ‘Spa Day' Given by ... Puerto Ricans

Here are a couple of things your tax dollars have paid for in the past few weeks: Vice President Michael Pence’s NFL protest/publicity stunt, the Scotch tape keeping Donald Trump’s ties together, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling for Jemele Hill to get fired, and federal relief workers…

FEMA Officials Say It’s Not Their Job to Distribute Food and Water to Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico: Report

Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria brought devastation to the island of Puerto Rico, people in the town of Aibonito still have not received any food or water from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The reason? FEMA said it’s not their job to distribute food and water to the hurricane victims.