Dear Black Male Nerds: Maybe There’s Another Reason the Popular Black Girls in High School Rejected You

By now you have watched and likely discussed Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) and his new video, “This Is America.” Whether you love it or hate it, it’s forcing a discussion about the state of black America and making many (white) people uncomfortable in the process. To be sure, I find the dancing more amusing and…

If You’re Still Mad That People Didn’t Want You in High School, I Get It, but Please (for Your Own Sake) Get Over It

If you happened to be a teenager in 1996, and if you were a teenager who also happened to be black, there is a moderate to strong likelihood that you have a soft spot in your heart for the Ghost Town DJs. If this describes you and you heard Virgo Williams’ 18-word-long a cappella soothe through the speakers while you…

Bullied Ex-NFL Lineman Arrested After Posting Disturbing Instagram Story; Causes High School to Shut Down: Report

Former Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who had been bullied by now former teammate Richie Incognito, was arrested Friday after authorities say he posted a disturbing Instagram story that included showing a shotgun, shotgun shells and the names of former teammates and his former high school.

High School Reunions Are the Unseasoned and Undercooked Chicken Breast of Social Gatherings 

Last weekend, I attended my 20th high school reunion. This was the first reunion of any sort—high school or college—that I had any interest in going to. And not because high school and/or college were particularly difficult times for me. I had as much fun in school as an introverted eggheaded nigga with the Western…

White Idaho High School Football Player Charged in Rape of Black, Disabled Teammate Will Avoid Jail Time

A white Idaho high school football player who was originally charged with brutally raping a black, mentally disabled teammate with a coat hanger was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser felony Friday, with prosecutors now claiming that the attack was neither a sex crime nor racially motivated, the Times-News reports.