Trump Believes That Democrats and Republicans Will Work Together to Craft New Health Care Plan. Heā€™s Also an Idiot

Maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past came to visit President Donald Trump to show him what a xenophobic, racist asshole heā€™s been since birth. And maybe that miserly, cynical fuck stick has had a change of heart, and by ā€œchange of heartā€ I mean an angioplasty of his senses to open them up to reason and sound thinking.

Exclusive: God Responds to Ben Carsonā€™s Weird Prayer Thanking the Lord for Trump and the Tax Bill

Before a Wednesday Cabinet meeting, the Grinch Who Stole the Middle Classā€™s Christmas informed the members of the press that they should stay for a few minutes to join Snow White Supremacist and the Seven Demons in prayer. Led by the successful surgeon, failed dick-stabber, and Secretary of Housing and Urbanā€¦