Mad Petty: Trump Fires FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Screwing Him Out of His Pension Days Before He Could Retire

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe only needed to make it until Sunday to reach his 50th birthday and a chance for an early retirement and his pension. But President Donald Trump, who has proved to be the pettiest of bitches, commanded his personal top cop, Jeff “King Keebler” Sessions, to fire McCabe.

Trump Fires Personal Aide Because President Still Believes He’s Shooting The Apprentice: Report

No one wants to go into the Oval Office and tell the president that he no longer has to act like this really wealthy business tycoon who fires people willy-nilly. On Tuesday, Donald Trump not only fired the secretary of state—and stand-in for every daytime soap opera’s mean oil baron—Rex Tillerson, but he also got rid…

Scaramucci Mane: Reince Priebus Sleeps With the Fishes (OK, He Didn’t Die, but He’s Out of the White House)

Well, who didn’t see this coming? Seriously, when the newly hired White House communications director makes a drunken call (who’s knows if Anthony Scaramucci Mane had been drinking, but if he hadn’t been, it’s worse) to a New Yorker reporter in which he hates on the president’s chief of staff, then you know heads are…