Russia’s Recent Facebook Ads Prove the Kremlin Never Loved Black People

Thousands of Russian-bought Facebook ads that the social media company is preparing to deliver to Congress reveal a very sound knowledge of America’s racial discord. With some of the ads calling for protections of gun rights, warning of the so-called dangers of immigration and of promoting Black Lives Matter groups,…


Trump Has Folder With Photos of Him on TV Looking Powerful Delivered to Him Because He’s a Child

I wish this were a joke. Seriously, I wish that the president of the White Walkers wasn’t this shallow and embarrassing, but according to a Vice News report, this dumbass has a folder full of positive cable news clippings, articles, interview transcripts, tweets and even “photos of Trump on TV looking powerful”…

Trump Retweets Unnamed-Source Report on North Korea Condemned by UN Ambassador Because He Doesn’t Know What the Hell He’s Doing

Because Donald Trump has no clue what the hell he’s doing in office, and because no one in his staff can keep his dumb ass off Twitter, he tweeted out an anonymously sourced story (because, you know, Fox News), and within hours, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley condemned the same story on Fox News.