Eric Reid vs. Malcolm Jenkins Is What Happens When Black Lives Matters Confronts All Lives Matter

To place Philadelphia Eagles Malcolm Jenkins in the proper historical context, just call him the Ralph Abernathy to Colin Kaepernickā€™s Martin Luther King Jr. Sure, Jenkins didnā€™t help the FBI in its attempts to discredit Kingā€™s voice by confirming King had extramarital affairs, which is what Abernathy did to King. Butā€¦

NFL Safety Eric Reid Met With the Cincinnati Bengals and Everything Was Going Great Until They Got to the ProtestsĀ 

If you donā€™t believe that former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being whiteballed by the NFL, then look no farther than Eric Reid. While there have been questions about Kaepernickā€™s style of play not fitting with different teams, there have been no questions about Reidā€™s ability to play football. Inā€¦

Same Violence, Different Uniform: On Kaepernick Taking a Knee to Support US Military

When I first saw San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick take a kneeā€”joined by free safety Eric Reidā€”during the singing of ā€œThe Star-Bangled Bannerā€ before their game against the San Diego Chargers ThursdayĀ night, IĀ threw up a mental black power fist. I did so because I believed it to be a show of solemnā€¦