Wannabe Cop Who Shot and Killed a Black Man Says He's Sorry But He Shouldn't Have Been Sent to Prison

Remember Robert Bates? Sure you do. He was the old, white Oklahoma man who wanted desperately to be a cop, so he donated loads of money to his local police force and, in turn, was allowed to be a volunteer deputy and participate in ride-alongs and even had a real working gun, which he used to kill Eric Harris in 2015.

Wannabe Tulsa, Okla., Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Released From Prison After Serving Less Than Half His 4-Year Sentence

Well, if you wanted evidence as to how little this country values black lives, look no further than Tulsa, Okla., where a white former reserve deputy (aka a wannabe cop) walked out of prison, scot-free, after serving less than half of his already meager four-year sentence for killing an unarmed black man.