Hearing Postponed for Trump VA Nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson Amid Overprescribing, Drinking Allegations: Report

There is only one qualification for working in Trump’s White House: Trump must like you. That’s it. The president of the United States doesn’t care if you are the lawn-care guy or a housewife (we see you, Betsy DeVos); if he likes you, that’s all he needs to put you in charge of a multimillion-dollar agency.

NC Man Charged With DWI Allegedly Got Wildly Sauced off Vanilla Extract

I’ve heard that if you’re ever in a pinch and need to sub in something for vanilla extract, maple syrup will work just as well. Now we also know if you’re ever in need of—I don’t know, getting blindingly drunk and crashing your car into a pole but don’t have any actual booze—vanilla extract will do the trick!